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a 3-staged process multimedia artwork in which a musical performances produces visual artworks. 

A multimedia artwork that is designed and defined by a live musical performance.  


Each performance of RECORDS features music from the classical and concert music canon that generate sculptures and paintings. The objective of each final artwork is to represent the colors and texture of the music, the story conveyed in the poetry, and the performance in which the artwork was completed. 


The 3 staged process of RECORDS starts with the music and message. Songs from the classical and concert music canon are translated into a preliminary or “base” sculpture or painting. During the live performance, elements are added to each artwork in service of the storytelling and visual composition. The final artwork is created as a result of the performance and serves as a visual “recording” of each song. 


Each performance of RECORDS is unique and designed for the space where it is shared, often art galleries, museums, and unconventional performance spaces. Working with a team of collaborators including vocalists, instrumentalists, lighting designers, videographers, and sound engineers, RECORDS uses each performance to address various topics of the human condition, inviting audiences to witness both a live musical performance and the rarely seen completion of each visual artwork. Seeking to intimately engage audiences in classical and concert music, various artistic disciplines, audio components, and opportunities to contribute to the performance collectively are offered to the audience.

RECORDS consists of three phases


The artwork is 



prepared for performance as a “set” by Amanda Austin



finished during performance



completed as a mixed media installation

displayed alongside video of the live performance.

RECORDS portfolio


"The Poet's Echo//Britten-Pushkin",  2019

mixed media painting on canvas

120" x 60"

Screenshot (224)_edited.jpg

"See How They Love Me //Rorem-Moss",  2019

mixed media painting on canvas

120" x 60"

aa sculp edit black_edited.png

"La vie qui dormait, toi // Messiaen",  2021

mixed media plywood sculpture (lid and base)

84" x 60" x 18"

Screenshot (226)_edited.jpg

"Résurrection // Messiaen",  2021

mixed media painting and stone/charcoal mosaic on canvas

120" x 60" x 3"

“RECORDS was born out of my experience as a visual artist and classical vocalist. Since my first introduction to classical vocal technique almost 20 years ago I have been fascinated and enamored with the way that the body can be used to sculpt air and produce colorful sound. 


I have always seen sound and the soundscapes created by composers as visual and textural mediums… and so have many of my colleagues. Art-song and classical vocal repertoire is often shared in its most traditional form… audience viewing the performers onstage. I am very excited by the idea of crafting programs in which important themes or topics are explored through song and the audience directly engages with both the artists and artwork. 


The reality of any performance or artwork is that it is the result of a collective. RECORDS thus seeks to fully honor this truth by inviting audiences to witness and participate in the musical performance and final artwork.  I am thrilled to use RECORDS to share song in a completely new way.”

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